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Emily Evans Yoga Vibe Tenerife

mostly found chilling in everyone’s favourite posture… savasana!

Yoga had such a profound effect on my life I felt compelled to share the practice with others.

I intensively studied with Agama Yoga in Thailand & fully qualified as a RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Haven in Morocco & UK: empowering me to infuse a blend of my favourite yoga styles into Yoga Vibe Tenerife. Recently furthering my yoga studies (RYT 100) in Rishikesh, fondly known as “the yoga capital of the world” situated at the foothills of the Himilayas in the Northern tip of India.

Yoga has endless benefits: strengthening, detoxing, nourishing, toning & improving the body: preventing / easing often eradicating, a number of conditions from back pain to serious health complaints.

I personally experienced healing through regular practice.

I was not strong or flexible when I started yoga, I was dealing with a few injuries & health concerns.
When you experience freedom from the ache & pain you had ‘got used to living with’, finally feeling how good your body *should* feel you won’t want to ever give it up!

The physical improvement enhanced my life greatly, but for me, the ultimate game changer of Yoga is the Mind Space: providing stress relief, focus & a collected, positive attitude. This is what I love to share through Yoga!

I teach through modification as I strongly believe Yoga should be available to every’body’ so complete beginners to advanced students can reap the rewards of the practice, regardless of level of fitness & flexibility, which of course develops with practice.

I hope to share the Yoga Vibe Tenerife, complete mind & body workout with you soon!


Emily x

Free classes on 21st & 25th June 2017 for international yoga day 🌊🌅💫


Ganga dancer

River Ganga, Rishikesh 2016


sunset rain

sunset yoga in the pouring rain! La Caleta 2013