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“What on earth do you eat then?!”

I am dedicated to the wide world of well-being & love to help with & hear of the direct effect nutritious, delicious eating habits have on the health & happiness of the individuals who are willing to change / add a little more goodness onto their plates & into their lives. This blog is a description of what I like to enjoy (& need to avoid). If you would like some advice ranging from tips to a full weekly / monthly meal plan please feel free to talk with me.

My body doesn’t take gluten or cows’ dairy (specifically milk protein: casein) kindly and I choose not to eat meat or fish… “what on earth do you eat then?!” is usually the reaction!

As long as I plan before going somewhere new or ‘non-Emily-food-friendly’ places then my taste buds & belly honestly live happily in Tenerife! (with a bit from the UK admittedly!) *

Some YVT cocina creations;

b meals

You could say my **“diet” is 90% vegan as I don’t consume any dairy (milk products, ***eggs etc) other than the very odd occasion I am dining in a restaurant & I haven’t had my protein/calcium quota for the day & will feel it too late when I return for the night… in this case I have a goats cheese salad (when there are no other options for me on the menu).

I love a lot of colour on my plate – I tend to include the majority of the vital vitamins & minerals in most meal preps – I’ve have a strong interest in nutrition but it’s really quite easy to do, even if you’re not interested in learning vitamin sources – you can simply add natural COLOUR to your meals! As a hard as fast rule: brighter the colour = higher the antioxidant value! ****an example at the end of blog (‘footnotes’ pdf).

Fresh Juices (mostly vegetable with a little fruit), smoothies (mostly low fructose fruit with cocowater, soya milk & protein powder as a pre-yoga boost after a long walk — I will give in and buy an all singing, all dancing blender to enjoy the fibre & filling effects that juices lack), gf cereals, nuts, seeds +’goodness toppers’ & various+++ homemade dishes using fresh vegetables, fruit, tofu, & generally make up my full nutritional quota.

b juices

I really enjoy dining out with my friends & family – my dietary requirements & preference is (mostly accidentally) catered for in many of Tenerife’s restaurants, some of my favourites are listed in guide (pdf) below as a hopefully, helpful list for those with a similar eating habit, or just fancy trying a veggie / vegan gluten free meal;

Suggestions for great vegan / vegetarian / gluten free eating out in Tenerife (pdf);
YVT v + gf guide to tfs x

I hope you enjoy some fantastic meals out during your stay (/living) in Tenerife – do feel free to send me some of your favourites &/ suggestions to add to the above! – these are just most of my favourites that I fondly have no concerns to dine at.

Please note that although I happily choose not to eat meat or fish etc I am an ‘each to their own’ person so you won’t find a debate contender on the subject here, but if you’d like sound advice on adding more satisfying, varied, tasty nutrient to your plate for enhanced mind & body benefits then I’m happy to share with you.
Or perhaps you’re transitioning into a vegan/veggie/gluten free **diet and stuck for ideas: hello friend 🙂

High vibes
Emily x

Footnotes (* explanations) below (pdf);
YVT v + gf guide to tfs x footnotes