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Please feel free to connect with me!

I am incredibly passionate about sharing the ultimate lifetool of yoga (in Tenerife, and beyond)!

If one good thing can come out of the worlds’ current smartphone addiction then it is the ease in which we can connect. If you use social media channels then you’re most welcome to connect with me there.

I will happily answer any questions you may have regarding yoga classes in Tenerife, yoga in general and Tenerife in general!

You may wish to enquire about Yoga holidays / yoga retreats in Tenerife which I will gladly assist you with.

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…On the odd occasion your email or message may have been lost along its way, please don’t hesitate to send another message to ensure I respond to your enquiry. (which of course I make every effort to do so but us yogis are human after all!)

I look forward to hearing from you, namaste, Emily 💫



(+34) 678 71 21 51