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Hi all! I hope you’re happy & healthy! πŸ€—

Since returning from La Gomera it’s been so busy & fulfilling with private yoga classes back in Tenerife.

Some of the wonderful locations I’ve been lucky enough to lay my yogamat;

🏑 A luxury villa in Costa Adeje enjoying epic views with a Finnish group who wisely combined daily yoga classes with their passion for golf 🏑

πŸ™Œ A heated pool house in a huge holiday home in Chio for a corporate retreat week with a Swiss start up company who recognise the winning combo of yoga and meditation whilst strategising for 2020 πŸ™Œ

πŸ’œ Gorgeous green grass with the beautiful blue of the ocean opposite my wonderful Swiss yogini’s apartment in del duque she has the most wonderful energy that I felt so enriched & humbled by πŸ’œ

πŸ¦‹ Incredible views of El Medano from a holiday villa which amazingly wasn’t windy as it usually is (in the wind surfers paradise) flowing with Irish yogini’s πŸ¦‹

πŸ‘« Arguably the nicest beach bay in the South with a Swiss couple who travelled for their hotel in Puerto De La Cruz for our beach yoga session πŸ‘«

🌴 Palm tree & colourful views from Playa Las Americas with a fit Finnish family who #yogavibetenerife every year 🌴

😎 Pic is missing from my usual sunset spot outside the sheraton in La Caleta with a yogi who had the courage to start his yoga practice after a back operation despite typical jibes from his male friends!
…and funnily enough attends classes at my first yoga teacher training in London! (yogahaven) 😎

It’s not easy to convey how much I respect & appreciate each & every yogi that invites me to introduce / deepen / advance their yoga #experience with them. I feel truly honoured to be apart of their life enhancing practice πŸ•‰

Thank you universe for aligning me with my purpose damn straight I wouldn’t have arrived into it with such passion if it wasn’t for those (testing) life lessons along the way πŸŒ…

If you’re still reading this long essay… thank you! I hope you make some time for yourself today even if it’s just mindful breathingΒ  / trying to see the silver lining in your (or others’) dark clouds / committing to being true to you πŸ’«

Love & light,

Emily xo

2nd blog entry

This weeks’ view 😍 #yogavibetenerife

Doing what you love for a living does NOT come without dedication & sacrifice πŸ’―

Sure, sometimes it seems ‘easier’ to go back & pick up your career where you left it ↗️

Enjoy the healthy salary and combat workstress (…& the cold…) with a regular yoga practice & being closer to loved ones βš–

(*political horror aside obviously!) 🀯

…but when you get the opportunity to directly weave in “your previous life” experience into the life you love… in the warm climes of Tenerife

… it’s just magic πŸ’«

This week I’ve been working with a company recently awarded “best company to work for in Portugal” πŸ™Œ

Introducing yoga amongst other health & wellness techniques to enhance overall wellbeing on their corporate retreat πŸ•‰

Interweaving & reinstating the focus of their business goals during the sessions as per client request πŸ“ˆ

…but of course I delivered that in a way i feel most appropriate in the workforce : with emphasis on selfcare πŸ’œ

We give the best of ourselves in an environment where we feel respected and valued 🧠

Pressure to perform can be intensely overwhelming for some and positively stimulating for others🚦

Knowing yourself; what makes you thrive, what tools you can use in stressful situations to enable you to successfully deliver without costing your health (..or punching your boss!)πŸ€ͺ

Our working environments have a MAJOR impact on our lives, that is entirely obvious. Thankfully many companies are recognising the importance of employee morale βœ…

Some have acknowledged this simply due to bottom line increase when the workforce is happier …and some because they actually CARE ☯️

I like to work with the latter, for a matter close to my heart πŸ’”

…and well ΒΏhow nice would it be to live in a world where we all felt respected valued and appropriately rewarded for our efforts? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

To end this essay(!) I feel it imperative to emphasise the fact that our worklife #balance IS extremely important: efforts SHOULD be made by companies…

…but ultimately your health your mental health, your happiness … is your responsibility (please reach out to helpful, trustworthy sources if needbe) πŸ™

3rd blog post

Are you in Tenerife over Christmas and New Year? If you wish to develop or start your yoga practice then feel free to contact me, I’m offering a Christmas special during this happy holiday period! πŸ’«

Yoga in Tenerife

4th blog entry

Anyone else not know what day of the week it is?! πŸ˜… …sneaky days between Xmas & New Year!πŸ€ͺ

I missed the Happy Christmas posts πŸ“΄ …so here’s wishing you a Merry Everything & Happy Ever Always!πŸ₯‚

If you’re spending your festive #holiday in #Tenerife β˜€οΈ and you’re open to a truly personalised #yoga experience then take advantage of my “what day is it?!” special offer! πŸ•‰

Latest blog about my various #yogaclasses (& yogis) here, there & everywhere over xmas 🧭 will be up on my website soon! 🌐

…This one was a totally random location but a pretty cool yoga space 😍 with a chilled couple from Los Angeles 😎

#yogavibetenerife #feelingfestive #whatdayisit

5th blog…

Healthy, happy New Year wishes & high vibes to you all! Feliz AΓ±o Neuvo a todos! I hope you started this year smiling πŸŽ†

2020 your first sunset was SO beautifully reassuring πŸŒ…

I watched the sunset to express my #gratitude for 2019 & to #release what I don’t wish to ‘carry’ forward ☯️

The gorgeous afterglow gifted time to clarify the #intentions I set this morning, to reaffirm the #positive #affirmations πŸ’«

…and to really #visualise what I’d love to invite & #manifest into (or more of) in my life πŸ™Œ

“20/20 vision” lol πŸ€“

And at 20:20 a ‘yogi mantra’ “may all beings be happy & free” πŸ•‰

Love & light, thank you for your part in my life, for my part in your life and for everything that you are and inspire to be πŸ’œ