Yoga Vibe Tenerife

Emily Evans is an experienced yoga teacher offering; yoga classes, yoga holidays, yoga retreats & yoga and wellness events in Tenerife, Canary Islands & beyond.

Happily back in Tenerife after spending a few months in beautiful Bali, awesome Australia & the gorgeous Gili Islands!

Private, personalised yoga sessions at your convenience during your holiday in Tenerife.

You can enjoy your yoga sessions within your holiday villa or hotel grounds, or a beautiful natural space by the ocean, the choice is yours!

If you’re lucky enough to live on this beautiful island you can enjoy your private, personalised yoga sessions from the comfort of your home or a local scenic spot.

Stay tuned for a pending event announcement & group yoga classes recomencing by the ocean.

Feel free to get in touch to organise your unique yoga experience in Tenerife!

Emily 💫

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If you are looking for a villa to enjoy your holiday in Tenerife. In a peaceful area, sunset views and a private swimming pool. Then you may wish to consider Villa Vibe Tenerife.

A lovely, large 2 bedroom property with allot of outside space. Space to enjoy your yoga practice or just “sunny savasana’s” (aka sunbathing!)

Feel free to get in touch regarding pricing and availability.

Emily is in La Gomera from 3-9 November should you wish to enjoy a private yoga session over in the dramatic landscape of La Gomera!